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DSCF2102Destiny…loaded word isn’t it? Most of the time I believe in one form of it or another…then there are the times when the whole destiny thing is too hard, and I want to believe in the randomness of the world. However, I do believe that the universe conspires us to go in a certain direction…it has happened too many times for me not to believe it. unfortunately, just because that particular road I am on is the one chosen for me, it does not mean that there are not huge boulders right smack dab in the middle of my way. I think we are given small successes to keep us on the road, and going in the right direction…the pebbles, rocks, and boulders we come across help us to learn and become stronger so we can travel further down the road to our destiny.

I’ve read that one’s destiny is the dream you once had for yourself as a child….before the world cruelly took it from you. I’m not sure that it is true for everyone…maybe you are  lucky if you can remember your childhood destiny. I know that it is true for me…the most powerful positive childhood memories for me, all had to do with church, and art…it has taken forty years to get back on that road. Or maybe, I have always been on that road, but the boulders blocked my view. All I can do now is keep travelling…at least now I can see to the horizon.

God Bless, Julia



Snow Bound

November here in Edmonton Alberta means that winter has definitely started with snow on the ground that will not leave till spring and the temperatures dropping fast every day. I like winter which is good since i get about six months of it, but you so have to be creative about how to get through it.  By January cabin fever is beginning to set in and there is still at least three months of the white stuff left.  there is only so much time you can spend outside without the risk of freezing a limb off. that may be why crafts are an important part of my family together time.

we have converted our livingroom into a working studio for the three of us, we were not really using it for anything else.  Family and friends that come to visit know us well enough that it was not a big shock. they end up sitting at the kitchen table anyway.  So with the housebound months upon us |I have been trying to come up with some new arts and crafts ideas to keep us all busy and productive. I’m thinking of making things for charity, or maybe I could incorporate my social justice leanings into them.  should be interesting days ahead.  I will share my new creations with you of course and maybe some will even make it into my Etsy shop.

God bless, Julia

Inspirations 7

Another long week is over but next week looks like it holds some promise…keeping my fingers and toes crossed…I have freakishly long toes, lol. I have inspirations this week that were less than pleasant but as the saying goes, it’s all in how you look at it.

1. So the heart tests show no damage to my heart by the sarcoidosis, yeah! However, the drug they gave me meant seven hours in the ER,  O2 sats below 80%, and many days feeling like I had an elephant sitting on my chest.  Conclusion…heart?, good…lungs?, not so good, major motivation to change my lifestyle.

2. At last at the final draft for the church windows, and I might be able to start working on production this week.  Very excited about combining fused glass and stained glass in this project.

3. Bernice, my wife, has to make a choice about whether or not to go take a  powerful drug treatment to try to control her crohns. Although it could have powerful side effects, the Dr. told this was her only option to try to improve her condition. I was there when the Dr. told her this, and I could not help wondering if maybe some alternative health practices, and a healthier lifestyle, could not also help to improve her overall health. More motivation to improve our health and lifestyle.

I wish you all good health and a happy upcoming week…

God Bless, Julia

Inspiration 6

This last week has seen we making, and selling, a few Halloween items and jewelry on my Etsy site.  I have also sought and attained the advise of a priest and close friend about some plans for three new windows for a country church.  It has been busy, but very satisfying.

1. Discussing the reasons behind my designs actually helps to clarify my vision…so talking to my priest friend about the windows for the country church was very helpful. Talking about future projects gets me excited about my life!

2. Silly I know, but, watching two hours of,” Hoarders,” has made me realise that my house is not that bad…but it has also motivated me to be more organized with my work and my home.

3. I have to control myself with Pinterest…it can be too inspirational. I introduced my wife to it this week…I may have created a monster, lol.

4. Spending 14 hours in the hospital ER has made me realise that my family’s health has to be a top priority right now.  My wife’s health is getting worse, but it can be managed by diet. Since I am the one who does the majority of the cooking…I need to focus on a healthy diet.

God Bless, Julia


Make Yourself Happy

So I have made a list of things that make me happy…some I can share, some…I can not.  It was easy to start the list, the obvious; my wife, family, friends, art work, my children (most of the time 🙂 ).  However it became harder after the obvious are taken care of.  Like many people, most of the time I’m busy trying to avoid the things that make me unhappy. Then there are all the things that make me happy, but, maybe they are not so good for me…where did all the chocolate go? There are the things that I know in the end will make me happy, but wow, are they a lot of work…you want me to lose how much weight?

When I was younger…and sometimes now…I thought that the best thing to do was to put others first. Now I believe that if I don’t care for myself, then I wont be around to help anyone else. It is easy to forget about yourself when you have small children around, because they need so much care. as they age, and quite frankly don’t want you anywhere near them, it’s easier to gain some perspective. there is nothing wrong with locking the bathroom door, honest. Claire would throw herself against the door, screaming and telling me how she was dying…she is a little melodramatic. If I didn’t lock the door for 30 seconds I would have never had a moment to myself in five years. It is not selfish to take care of yourself…so take care of yourself.:)

God Bless, Julia

Inspirations 5

I’m sorry I was not able to post this yesterday as I meant to do, however I was in the hospital ER for 8 hours yesterday with Bernice and Claire.  They pumped Bernice full of steroids and various other drugs and she is much better today.  Thank you for all your well wishes…I passed them on to Bernice and she appreciates them all. 🙂

Inspirations over the last week

1. I caught a glimpse of a craft magazine at the library that was all about getting ready for Halloween and Christmas…ugh. Well, it is sad on one hand, but it did inspire me to start on some Halloween things, and it was actually fun .:)

2. I’m sure many of you have already seen the video at the start of this blog, but I love to watch it while drinking my green juice, to remind myself that things can get better.

3. My wife inspires me every day with her fight to make a wonderful life, no matter what illness or pain issue she is dealing with.

4. Pay It Forward Giveaway.  It was nice to see that other bloggers wanted to take part in this, and give away some of their work…it made me smile.

5. The mornings are getting cool…most people would think this is a bad thing but I hate the heat…cool mornings inspire me to get up and work.

God Bless, Julia

John Pomp in the Studio

I don’t know what it is with me and videos lately, you would think I spend my days on YouTube instead of WordPress, lol. Anyway, I saw this video about the glass that John Pomp makes…with the help of some friends…and it is so beautiful, I had to share.  I like where they show him sweating from the heat…I so get that…sadly, not just because of the glass work, damn menopause. 🙂 So here is, John Pomp in the studio.

God Bless, Julia