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Happy Birthday Claire!

My baby girl turns eleven today…she is growing up too fast…I wish I could make time stand still sometimes.  I do enjoy watching her grow up…she is becoming a beautiful person, inside and out.  She is compassionate and driven by subjects that move her…I’m sure she will grow up to be a leader in whatever cause she choses to take on.  There was a time when she was very little that I thought that she may be permanently attached to my leg…however she seems to have outgrown that for the most part.

Yesterday she was affirmed in her faith at her confirmation ceremony at church.  She is at that pre-teen age where at moments I can see glimpses of her teenage self, and moments when she is still that little girl.  She can be the confident young woman at the front of the church, and then run for a hug from her mommy a minute later.  I want her to enjoy this time before the hormones begin to reek havoc in her body and life…before boys and friends become the center of her universe.  Have a great day my lovely Claire and a wonderful eleventh you.  kisses and hugs from your whole family! 

God Bless, Mommy