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Cleaning House

It’s time to clear some things up;

I’m not sure if it’s because of summer, or people are just not interested, but the book club is a bust.  I really can’t complain, because I have not been keeping up with the reading myself.  The weather is too good, the children are out of school…I have a myriad of excuses on the ready.  The truth is, I don’t think anyone really has the time. So for that one loyal person who may still be reading the book?…I will finish it, and please feel free to comment on the book club page…I would love to chat about it.  O.K. that’s taken care of.

The garden is a jungle of leaves, vines, and sadly, weeds.  I’m pretty sure there are vegetables in there somewhere.  I have to spray myself with cancer causing chemicals…found in the form of mosquitoes repellent…in order to pick the vegetables I am trying to grow because they are healthier…hmmmmmm…I might want to look at that, lol. It has been so wet around here this summer that the mosquitoes are brutal, the vegetables are drowning, but the weeds love it…the garden has been a partial success.

September is right around the corner, so I’m in the process of making lists and scheduling activities.  It seems to me that September First would be the better day for making new year resolutions…at least if you have children…that’s when everything starts again, and the house gets back to its routine.  Everyone is too partied out in January to start anything new…they are still paying Christmas bills, and recovering from the party circuit.  September is much better.

Oh I forgot the best part…CLAIRE IS BACK HOME SAFE AND SOUND!

That’s the cleaning done…now to make a new plan.

God Bless, Julia


I Have A Glut

A Special Order

I have a glut…a glut of  jewelry, zucchini, and beans.  I know they don’t sound like they belong together, but they are threatening to take over the house.  I’ve been busy all week making new jewelry for my Etsy shop…and my garden has been busy growing zucchini and beans.   I’m trying to improve my photos on etsy…according to those in the know, photos are very important. I agree, if there is something I buy on Etsy it is because it looks great and it has a good story, otherwise I move on. It does mean retaking five photos for fifty different pieces…it might take a while.

I don’t have to worry about weeds because the vegetables are so big the weeds are not getting any sun. Just what am I suppose to do with all this zucchini…the neighbour even asked me if I could use some of his…the nerve, trying to pawn it off on me.:)  I’m thinking of setting up a little lemonade stand out on the sidewalk…a free zucchini with every drink. I can dehydrated the beans even though I have to do it in small batches, but there is only so much zucchini bread the family will eat. Oh well, I’m off to watch the olympics…I mean read my book for the book club.

God Bless, Julia

Book Club Update

I know…I said I would write this post yesterday afternoon…I ended up helping friends move ,them and their five children.  So let’s get down to business…the book is,” The Happiness Project,” by Gretchen Rubin.  the chapter are the twelve months of the year, and an introduction, so I think we shoud break it up something like this;

  • week one…Intro, Jan. to March
  • week two…April to June
  • week three…July to Sept
  • week four…Oct to Dec

You can read it faster or slower it does not really matter.  Please post any questions and comments on the copy of this post in the JCG Book Club page listed on my home page under juliachristineglass.com.  I will post questions and comments as well and look forward to chatting back and forth about the book.  Maybe by the end of the month we will all be a little happier, :).

God Bless, Julia

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I will post later today about the book club as we are starting to read, The Happiness Project, tomorrow.

I love this version of, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,”…it is beautiful and sweet, but I find there is a touch of sadness to it.  It may be because this wonderful soul, with the voice of an angel, has left this earth much too soon.  My Claire leaves me early tomorrow for a trip to Montreal with her dad…I will miss her terribly but I’m happy she gets to visit the place I grew up.  One day I hope to take my wife there, it is such a different and magical place when politics don’t get in the way.  I hope this video makes you happy…

God Bless, Julia

Pick A Book…Any Book

In order for us all to start this online book club we are going to have to have something to read…shocking isn’t it?  I think maybe everyone is just worried that other people are going to see the books they suggest and think, wow, that is what they want to read!.  This is going to be fun, so no judgements. I went to the Goodreads site and looked at some of their recommendations…I have picked a few, tried to give a variety, and I have put them in this post.  If you want to check out what the books are about, the Goodreads is a good place to start. I believe all the books have been in print for at least two years so your local library may have a copy. We can take a month to read it so no one feels pressured…we are all busy people I’m sure. If you are interested in reading along with us, could you please leave a comment to let me know which one you prefer? Thanks

  1. “What To Eat,” by Marion Nestle.
  2.  “Loving What Is,”by  Ryron Katie
  3.  “The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, And Love,” by Kristin Kimball
  4.  “Tales Of A Female Nomad,” by Rita Golden Gelman
  5.  “The Happiness Project,” by Gretchen Rubin  (in the process of reading this one already, good so far.)

Well there you go, take a look at them, check to see if your library carries any of them, and then let me know.  Looking forward to this 🙂

God Bless, Julia


Online Book Club Update

Well it would seem that there are some people who would be interested in participating in a book club. Great!!…we just have to find a book to read, lol. So here’s the thing…I need suggestions.  Then I will pick some and we can read them one at a time.  I was thinking that we could concentrate on books that we feel are inspirational, and that others could benefit from.  That leaves it wide open to books about anything really…as long as it inspired you to grow.  I will make a new page on my blog so that we can all leave our incredibly insightful thoughts about the book we are reading.

I am so looking forward to this…I love to learn new things, and to share it with others, and have them share their ideas with me…must be the teacher in me, or the perpetual student.  So leave your suggestions in the comments of this post and we will go from there.

God Bless, Julia

Onine Book Club

Sometimes I wish I belonged to a book club…and sometimes I’m glad I don’t.  I actually do not read a lot of fiction…I like to learn new things, explore ideas and thoughts from the books that I read.  Most book clubs are centered on fiction books and may even stay within a certain genre of writing, like romance novels.  I did try a fiction group at the local library once, I read the book that was recommended, but then I was too busy to go to the meeting on the date that it was being discussed.  so then I tried a group from the local convent that reads religious works. I bought the book, read it, enjoyed it…and then found out the day of the meeting that they had changed the on-line schedule and were actually reading a different book…you must update your website when you do that! So I’ve given up on the run of the mill book clubs

So I thought I could always start a book club of sorts on this blog.  read a book maybe even a few chapters at a time and have an instant messenger discuss or a page on my blog where people could leave comments about what they have read.i thought that it may be a good idea for me to read the book first, so I started to read, “The Happiness Project,” Which I had been wanting to read for a while.  Then, (insert evil cackle here),  I acquired a copy of that book that they call mommy porn, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  Now as I said, I rarely read fiction, but this book is like bubble gum for the brain…no deep thinking required…you read it, it tastes good for a little while, but then it loses it taste, so you spit it out…not something you want to be chewing on for a long time.

So let me know if you would be interested in something like this, and what kind of books you like to read.  We can always put a short list together, and try it out for a few months.  It would probably be a good idea to take a month with each book as we are all busy people.  Let me know…

God Bless, Julia