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Inspiration 6

This last week has seen we making, and selling, a few Halloween items and jewelry on my Etsy site.  I have also sought and attained the advise of a priest and close friend about some plans for three new windows for a country church.  It has been busy, but very satisfying.

1. Discussing the reasons behind my designs actually helps to clarify my vision…so talking to my priest friend about the windows for the country church was very helpful. Talking about future projects gets me excited about my life!

2. Silly I know, but, watching two hours of,” Hoarders,” has made me realise that my house is not that bad…but it has also motivated me to be more organized with my work and my home.

3. I have to control myself with Pinterest…it can be too inspirational. I introduced my wife to it this week…I may have created a monster, lol.

4. Spending 14 hours in the hospital ER has made me realise that my family’s health has to be a top priority right now.  My wife’s health is getting worse, but it can be managed by diet. Since I am the one who does the majority of the cooking…I need to focus on a healthy diet.

God Bless, Julia



Mommy, They’re Scaring Me

OK, I admit it, that title is an exaggeration…but I do wonder about the world of Etsy sometimes.  I’ve had a shop for less than three months so I am still in the learning, figuring things out, stage…but I have some concerns.  Now we have to be quiet, because if they hear me over at the Etsy site, I am going to get inundated by nasty comments from those super sellers.  I understand that it takes a lot of work to be successful on Etsy…there are so many artists on there, it is hard for anyone to see your work.  So some people have taken to rather extreme measures to make sure that their work is seen by the buyer first.  I understand this, they’re trying to make a living, but I draw the line at unethical practices and badgering other sellers. I have not been on the receiving side of any of these practices, yet…I’m still a little fish in a huge pond…I do not pose a threat.

For me, my Etsy shop is a place where I can sell small things that I have made as a way of expressing myself.  Don’t get me wrong, it does bring out the competitor in me…but I try to remember that my “real” work is my stained glass installations. I’ve asked myself that, if my Etsy shop were my sole means of income, would I resort to unethical measures to promote myself and increase sales? I hope not, but one never knows what one would do if faced with having to provide for a family, with no other income. I would like to think that I would find another way to provide, something that does not compromise the things I believe in…playing fair, loving your neighbour, and being the person God wants you to be, just to name a few.

God Bless, Julia

I Have A Glut

A Special Order

I have a glut…a glut of  jewelry, zucchini, and beans.  I know they don’t sound like they belong together, but they are threatening to take over the house.  I’ve been busy all week making new jewelry for my Etsy shop…and my garden has been busy growing zucchini and beans.   I’m trying to improve my photos on etsy…according to those in the know, photos are very important. I agree, if there is something I buy on Etsy it is because it looks great and it has a good story, otherwise I move on. It does mean retaking five photos for fifty different pieces…it might take a while.

I don’t have to worry about weeds because the vegetables are so big the weeds are not getting any sun. Just what am I suppose to do with all this zucchini…the neighbour even asked me if I could use some of his…the nerve, trying to pawn it off on me.:)  I’m thinking of setting up a little lemonade stand out on the sidewalk…a free zucchini with every drink. I can dehydrated the beans even though I have to do it in small batches, but there is only so much zucchini bread the family will eat. Oh well, I’m off to watch the olympics…I mean read my book for the book club.

God Bless, Julia

Inspiration 2, Another Top Five

How can you feel motivated to make Christmas things when it is 30C outside, you’re sitting in front of a fan and contemplating moving into your refrigerator? Damned if I know…well maybe a few suggestions…

  • Move into the freezer…just set up a little craft table and move in. Don’t forget the mittens and a touque…Canadian word for wool hat. Yes, Canadians have a special word for wool hat. It is sort of like the Inuit have a billion words for the different kinds of snow.
  • Put on some Christmas music.  Turn it up really load and scare the neighbours.
  • Visit some Christmas sites on the web. O.K. this one is real. some times visiting other people’s sites can spark an idea for me.
  • Check out Etsy…I find looking at other people’s professional craft work can be very inspirational.
  • Look at last year`s work…this can sometimes remind me of things that were successful and things that were not…or ideas for things that I wanted to try, and was sure that I would remember without writing it down…I can hear you laughing.:)

I hope these help, or at least made you giggle,

God Bless, Julia

Clean The Damn House!

I have been neglecting the house as of late…there always seems to be something better to do.  Part of the problem, I actually work out of the house.  You would think that this would mean that the house would be calling me, and I would be avoiding work…but I love my work.  I am not exactly Suzzy homemaker to start with, so having an excuse to leave it till later works for me…a little too well.  I have great intentions…house is clean, homemade yogurt in the fridge, fresh sprouts growing, gleaming jars of canned jams in the cupboard…yeah well, it’s a dream.Reality is more like, dishes in the sink, yogurt maker unused, and not a sprout to be found.

It is supposed to rain for the next day or two, so I have decided that this is a good time to get things done around the. Even as I write this my mind is thinking about how I can get it done quickly so I can get back to my art. I do enjoy doing things like canning, or baking, even growing sprouts…but I do not relish the thought of scrubbing the bathroom.  I know, no one does…I just have to, “get er dunnnnn.” Can you tell I’m using this post to avoid the dishes? I thought so…see you later… 🙂

God Bless, Julia

I Am Soooo Not Straight

Those of you who read my blog regularly will get the joke…what I am refering to is the kind of shapes I am drawn to.  What did she say? yes, shapes, not sexual orientation, although that works too.  I once had an art teacher who said there are no straight lines in nature…girrrrl, you preaching to the choir, lol. When I am working on a new project I always seem to make curvy lines instead of straight ones.  In stained glass, curvy lines are harder to work with…figures.  Even if the design is originally someone elses, I change it to incorporate wavy lines.  Much of my work is inspired my nature so I guess it is no surprise.

I have a commission for three windows to go into a country church that calls for straight lines.  The other windows in the church are very traditional  and they want the new windows to fit into the existing ones, of course, I do too.  So for a few months I am going to have to work with straight lines, fine, but I’m not going back into the closet!  Girrrrrl,  I don’t even know where the closet is any more.

God Bless, Julia

O.K. I’m About To Be Pathetic

O.K. so I’m about to be really pathetic…I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM IN MY ETSY SHOP.  I logged in expecting to see the same thing I have for the last two months.  I stared at the screen and began to yell and pump my arms…the wife thought the computer had electrocuted me. I felt like Sally Fields at the Oscars…you like me, you really, really like me.  Bernice and I  high-fived once I explained, and then the realization that I had no idea what to do next surfaced.  A half hour of panic late,r I had figured everything out, and was ready to ship the ring.  It felt really good.

I know, big deal, it’s one freaking sale get ahold of yourself girl! I have a feeling of success in the stained glass part of my business… commissions and sales are good…but it has been slow on the Etsy side of things.  It is just one sale, but I was beginning to think that I was never going to sell anything on Etsy.  Of course you know it was the Wonder Woman ring…it’s hard to resist super powers like that, :).  So I will continue to work on my fused glass, making things that I like.  It wont make me rich…I don’t really care much about that…I just want to do my work, keep on being creative, and if others like it, so much the better.

God Bless, Julia