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Snow Bound

November here in Edmonton Alberta means that winter has definitely started with snow on the ground that will not leave till spring and the temperatures dropping fast every day. I like winter which is good since i get about six months of it, but you so have to be creative about how to get through it.  By January cabin fever is beginning to set in and there is still at least three months of the white stuff left.  there is only so much time you can spend outside without the risk of freezing a limb off. that may be why crafts are an important part of my family together time.

we have converted our livingroom into a working studio for the three of us, we were not really using it for anything else.  Family and friends that come to visit know us well enough that it was not a big shock. they end up sitting at the kitchen table anyway.  So with the housebound months upon us |I have been trying to come up with some new arts and crafts ideas to keep us all busy and productive. I’m thinking of making things for charity, or maybe I could incorporate my social justice leanings into them.  should be interesting days ahead.  I will share my new creations with you of course and maybe some will even make it into my Etsy shop.

God bless, Julia


She’s Rambling Again!

Pumpkin pin I made for Halloween, quirky just like me.

I posted an inspirational video yesterday as I was not sure if I would be available to write today’s post…but here I am.  Thank you for all your well wishes, and prayers…they are truly appreciated.  So since there is no video…is that crying I hear?, yeah right…you are stuck with me babbling on about some nonsense.  Do you remember that Seinfeld episode where they had to describe what the show they were producing was about, and all they could come up with was, nothing…it was all about, nothing.  I sometimes feel that way about this blog…I can’t believe that anyone is interested in my thoughts, :), but I appreciate everyone who takes even a moment to read my musings.

Since passing 10,000 views last week, I have been thinking about what the blogging world has taught me, or at least reinforced.  I wrote a few down here…there is no way that I could write down all the wonderful things that you have all taught me.

  1. Friends are the family you get to choose, and you do not have to answer the phone when your real family calls 😉
  2. Cherish every moment with your children…they grow too fast and you never know when it may end.
  3. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re taking life too seriously.
  4. When your health is good it does not seem very important…when your health is bad, it seems like the most important thing in your life.
  5. Life is short…get to the finish line exhausted, and joyful.

Have a great day everyone…

God Bless, Julia

Going Au Natural

In my pursuit of a life with less chemicals in and on my body, I decided to try to make my own lib balm.  Living in northern Canada, the winter months can reek havoc on the skin and lips.  Each winter, everyone in my house gets chapped lips, at least once.  I found a recipe that called for only a few ingredients, and was supposed to sooth and heal your lips.  I can tell you that, it is easy to make, certainly less expensive than commercial products, and it feels, smells, and tastes great…not that I’m trying to eat it 🙂 I took some photos and have included the recipe.


adding the ingredients to the pot



ice-water bath




Wearing my new lip balm




Two colors of pink



Soothing and Healing Lip Balm

4 tablespoons of castor oil

1 tablespoon beeswax

2 teaspoons of honey

20 drops peppermint essential oil

On a very low heat warm the oil, beeswax, and honey just until the wax melts.  Remove from heat and add the peppermint essential oil and stir in. Place the pot in an ice-water bath…a bowl filled with cold water and a few ice cubes. Continue stirring until it thickens.  it will continue to thicken over the next few hours.  If you would like to add a little color, simply added a little bit of an all natural lipstick…I had some on hand so I added just a tiny bit to the main batch, and then more for my own because I wanted more color.

Spoon the mixture into a small containers…I used small containers that I had for storing beads. It should make about seven tablespoons.  Each of my containers held 1 tablespoon. I adapted a recipe was originally printed in, ”Organic Body Care Recipes,” by Stephanie Tourles. This book is excellent, lots of recipes for the body and soul. 🙂

God Bless, Julia

Inspirations 5

I’m sorry I was not able to post this yesterday as I meant to do, however I was in the hospital ER for 8 hours yesterday with Bernice and Claire.  They pumped Bernice full of steroids and various other drugs and she is much better today.  Thank you for all your well wishes…I passed them on to Bernice and she appreciates them all. 🙂

Inspirations over the last week

1. I caught a glimpse of a craft magazine at the library that was all about getting ready for Halloween and Christmas…ugh. Well, it is sad on one hand, but it did inspire me to start on some Halloween things, and it was actually fun .:)

2. I’m sure many of you have already seen the video at the start of this blog, but I love to watch it while drinking my green juice, to remind myself that things can get better.

3. My wife inspires me every day with her fight to make a wonderful life, no matter what illness or pain issue she is dealing with.

4. Pay It Forward Giveaway.  It was nice to see that other bloggers wanted to take part in this, and give away some of their work…it made me smile.

5. The mornings are getting cool…most people would think this is a bad thing but I hate the heat…cool mornings inspire me to get up and work.

God Bless, Julia

Clearing Things Up

O.K., there are a couple of things on my mind today but none of them is worth a full post…must be because my mind in so small, lol.

1. I love the Pay It Forward giveaway. I can’t wait to make my blogging friends something just for them.  I am definitely going to make this one an annual event.

2. The pendants I am making for the Womonspace Volunteer Awards, my city’s lesbian group, are finally getting to the finish line, just a little fine tuning now.  I will post a pic later this week with the finished products.

3. I am starting to think ahead to Christmas…I know, sorry to all of you who think I just said a dirty word. Apparently up to forty percent of sales on Etsy are between October and two weeks before Christmas…makes sense when you think about it. So fair warning, you may see Christmas theme work in my posts. 🙂

4. I really like the idea behind the bead soup swap…I have to think of a way to do this with some other craft medium. Something to think about for the new year when things are slow.

5. If you add an entire lemon to the Green Juice (Muck) recipe you can barely detect the taste of the lawn. Not great, but at least I’m not retching every time I swallow. Progress 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

God Bless, Julia


I Have A Glut

A Special Order

I have a glut…a glut of  jewelry, zucchini, and beans.  I know they don’t sound like they belong together, but they are threatening to take over the house.  I’ve been busy all week making new jewelry for my Etsy shop…and my garden has been busy growing zucchini and beans.   I’m trying to improve my photos on etsy…according to those in the know, photos are very important. I agree, if there is something I buy on Etsy it is because it looks great and it has a good story, otherwise I move on. It does mean retaking five photos for fifty different pieces…it might take a while.

I don’t have to worry about weeds because the vegetables are so big the weeds are not getting any sun. Just what am I suppose to do with all this zucchini…the neighbour even asked me if I could use some of his…the nerve, trying to pawn it off on me.:)  I’m thinking of setting up a little lemonade stand out on the sidewalk…a free zucchini with every drink. I can dehydrated the beans even though I have to do it in small batches, but there is only so much zucchini bread the family will eat. Oh well, I’m off to watch the olympics…I mean read my book for the book club.

God Bless, Julia

Inspiration 2, Another Top Five

How can you feel motivated to make Christmas things when it is 30C outside, you’re sitting in front of a fan and contemplating moving into your refrigerator? Damned if I know…well maybe a few suggestions…

  • Move into the freezer…just set up a little craft table and move in. Don’t forget the mittens and a touque…Canadian word for wool hat. Yes, Canadians have a special word for wool hat. It is sort of like the Inuit have a billion words for the different kinds of snow.
  • Put on some Christmas music.  Turn it up really load and scare the neighbours.
  • Visit some Christmas sites on the web. O.K. this one is real. some times visiting other people’s sites can spark an idea for me.
  • Check out Etsy…I find looking at other people’s professional craft work can be very inspirational.
  • Look at last year`s work…this can sometimes remind me of things that were successful and things that were not…or ideas for things that I wanted to try, and was sure that I would remember without writing it down…I can hear you laughing.:)

I hope these help, or at least made you giggle,

God Bless, Julia