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T1ime is a funny thing…there is never enough of it…we waste it, and sometimes that is good, we spend it, share it, cherish it, hate it, worry about how much we have left, wonder why it goes too slowly or too fast. I know that I spend a lot of time worrying about what other people will think, and that it is a two-edged sword in my life.

Worrying about what others think, keeps people from doing things that might be detrimental to others or themselves. When taken to an extreme though, it can make you immobile, unable to move forward with a project or even your life. It can make you do things that you would not normally do…wear things you definitely would not have worn, like that ode to Madonna prom dress from 1985…and stop you from doing what you know in your heart is the right thing.

My time would be better spent thinking about what God wants for, and from, me. No worries about the gossip, sneers, or even hate of those on the periphery of my life.  When it is the right thing to do, those close to me love and support me.  They may not know if it will work out, but they know that I am doing what it is I am supposed to do, and in the end, all will work out for the best.  Here is to hoping that today you spend some of your time doing or thinking about what is right for you, and not worry about what others will think.

God Bless, Julia



Snow Bound

November here in Edmonton Alberta means that winter has definitely started with snow on the ground that will not leave till spring and the temperatures dropping fast every day. I like winter which is good since i get about six months of it, but you so have to be creative about how to get through it.  By January cabin fever is beginning to set in and there is still at least three months of the white stuff left.  there is only so much time you can spend outside without the risk of freezing a limb off. that may be why crafts are an important part of my family together time.

we have converted our livingroom into a working studio for the three of us, we were not really using it for anything else.  Family and friends that come to visit know us well enough that it was not a big shock. they end up sitting at the kitchen table anyway.  So with the housebound months upon us |I have been trying to come up with some new arts and crafts ideas to keep us all busy and productive. I’m thinking of making things for charity, or maybe I could incorporate my social justice leanings into them.  should be interesting days ahead.  I will share my new creations with you of course and maybe some will even make it into my Etsy shop.

God bless, Julia


Thud! Did you hear that…it’s the sound of autumn falling with a crash on my city. That is kind of the way it happens here in Canada. One day you’re walking along, it’s sunny and 22C…the next, your fishing out your snow boots. I so love fall in Canada…I miss the beautiful display of color of the trees out east, but nothing can beat that crisp, cool, feeling in the air…it’s so much nicer when your sweating your a** off because you’re having a hot flash! My Claire was running and jumping in a pile of leaves on Saturday…it seems to go too fast though.  For me, fall feels like the shortest season…of course that might be because of WHERE I live.:)

It’s still dark outside when Bernice and Claire go off in the morning…and we haven’t even put the clocks back yet. Before you know it, it will be dark until nine in the morning, and then get dark again by 4:30. It balanced out by staying light until eleven during the summer…but it never really feels like it evens out. When we first moved here, it was summer. I had to buy special blinds to block out the sun because we could not get to sleep. In the winter you need a SAD lamp so you don’t go postal on your co-workers. AHHH, the Canadian north, such a lovely place…actually it is, but you wouldn’t know it from the way I complain.  Remember though that complaining about the weather is a sport in Canada, you can’t go a day without griping. I hope you are all having a lovely Autumn. 🙂

God Bless, Julia


Claire came home today and wanted me to watch this video that she saw in music class…she goes to a school where about fifty percent of her classmates are Muslims from all over the world.  Each time she saw a country that one of her classmates was from, she got all excited. I’m so happy that she has such a diverse class…having grown up in Montreal I know how valuable it is to have such a childhood.

I have a new job as a picture framer, so I am going to try to post every day, but I think their idea of part-time and my idea of it are far apart. Oddly I feel a little guilty when I don’t post, lol, I’m such a geek sometimes.

God Bless, Julia


Cat Love

I have a cat…I even like my evil cat…but seriously, this guy needs a date. I watched this video with my jaw on the floor. I like going on Pinterest…I’m sure it only has one category, DYI and Crafts…it’s the only one I look at anyway. Now, let me just say, this guy is sooooooooooo family,( LGBT code word for fellow LGBT members). The only men I have ever known, who love their cats that much, AND would be this OCD, AND have a space in their house to do this…are gay…he needs a boyfriend. If you are this guy, and you are reading this?…call me hun, I’ll hook you up, I know lots of single, lonely, OCD, interior design guru, GAY men…hell, my next door neighbour fits this profile. For all my straight readers…don’t worry, you can laugh, it’s funny as hell.

God Bless, Julia

Stand Up To Cancer

Tonight on television, there is a program that will air on all the major networks called, “Stand Up To Cancer.” I have written about cancer before in this blog…I have been vocal about my hatred of this disease. Like so many others, cancer has left its mark on my family and friends. In many ways it has changed the course of my life, like nothing else. Both my wife and I, have autoimmune diseases, but still I find myself fighting cancer more than anything else.  For the last thirty-five years the word, cancer, has been in my life…I want it out! So I ask that tonight, as you go about your lives, please stop and remember all the loved ones that you have lost, those that keep fighting, and those that have won the fight.

I am thinking of adding a cancer ribbon line of jewelry to my Etsy store. I will give all the proceeds to cancer research.  I will keep you updated about this project.

God Bless, Julia

Second Day of School-Update

It can’t be a good sign if it is only the second day of school for my Claire, and I’m already exhausted…nope, not a good sign. It is not even for a good reason, like watching three hours of Horders. Claire came in the door yesterday talking a mile a minute,excited about the new year…and a big stack of papers for me to sign…it happens every year. Claire has this habit of when her teacher even suggests that they may need, or have to do, something, that it now becomes a law for Claire.  It reminds me of the scene in the,”Ten Commandments,” where Ramses says, “so lot it be written, so let it be done.” You can’t believe the panic in this child’s eyes, when I try to explain that she can wait one day to get a 1″ binder for her agenda. You would think the teacher is giving out lashings for noncompliance.

I knew that the Parti Québécois won the Quebec election yesterday before I went to bed…can’t say I was shocked. I’m impressed that they elected a woman, but that is where my good feelings end.  I moved away from the city I love, Montreal, because I did not want my children to grow up in a place where they would be discriminated against because of their Mother tongue. Most people who do not, or have not, lived in Quebec, believe that I exaggerate the  problem…I do not. After the election results were announced, and as the new Premier was giving her acceptance speech, a crazed gunman was shooting down people just outside the door, blaming the English for his acts.  I would like to say that it was just one crazy person, but the discrimination in Quebec of the English is institutionalized, and it has become acceptable to treat the English-speaking Quebecer badly. This is allowed to happen in one of the most peaceful countries of the world…shame on us.

God Bless, Julia