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Inspirations 7

Another long week is over but next week looks like it holds some promise…keeping my fingers and toes crossed…I have freakishly long toes, lol. I have inspirations this week that were less than pleasant but as the saying goes, it’s all in how you look at it.

1. So the heart tests show no damage to my heart by the sarcoidosis, yeah! However, the drug they gave me meant seven hours in the ER,  O2 sats below 80%, and many days feeling like I had an elephant sitting on my chest.  Conclusion…heart?, good…lungs?, not so good, major motivation to change my lifestyle.

2. At last at the final draft for the church windows, and I might be able to start working on production this week.  Very excited about combining fused glass and stained glass in this project.

3. Bernice, my wife, has to make a choice about whether or not to go take a  powerful drug treatment to try to control her crohns. Although it could have powerful side effects, the Dr. told this was her only option to try to improve her condition. I was there when the Dr. told her this, and I could not help wondering if maybe some alternative health practices, and a healthier lifestyle, could not also help to improve her overall health. More motivation to improve our health and lifestyle.

I wish you all good health and a happy upcoming week…

God Bless, Julia



Working with glass means you have to be comfortable with failure. When cutting glass there will always be times when the glass decides it just does not want to break the way you need it to. When fusing glass in the kiln you can never be sure what your piece is going to look like until you open up the kiln and take a look. Experience helps of course, but it is still always a combination of knowledge and luck.

I’ve been working on a commission for an LGBT organization in my city. Twenty pendants that they will be giving out as special awards in September. It should not be a big deal to get these pendants done, but they have been giving me a tough time. I always do practice pieces first in order to cut done on surprises from the kiln, but my practice pieces have been a pain in my behind. I know the saying, now I know many ways not to do it, and I only need to get it right once. It’s still a pain though 🙂

God Bless, Julia


O.K. I’m About To Be Pathetic

O.K. so I’m about to be really pathetic…I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM IN MY ETSY SHOP.  I logged in expecting to see the same thing I have for the last two months.  I stared at the screen and began to yell and pump my arms…the wife thought the computer had electrocuted me. I felt like Sally Fields at the Oscars…you like me, you really, really like me.  Bernice and I  high-fived once I explained, and then the realization that I had no idea what to do next surfaced.  A half hour of panic late,r I had figured everything out, and was ready to ship the ring.  It felt really good.

I know, big deal, it’s one freaking sale get ahold of yourself girl! I have a feeling of success in the stained glass part of my business… commissions and sales are good…but it has been slow on the Etsy side of things.  It is just one sale, but I was beginning to think that I was never going to sell anything on Etsy.  Of course you know it was the Wonder Woman ring…it’s hard to resist super powers like that, :).  So I will continue to work on my fused glass, making things that I like.  It wont make me rich…I don’t really care much about that…I just want to do my work, keep on being creative, and if others like it, so much the better.

God Bless, Julia

I`ll Take You Out

Normally I am a calm, peace-loving, balanced person…but put a board game or deck of cards in front of me and I become a sarcastic, trash talking, competitive freak.  I come by it naturally…I have three siblings who will tear each other apart to claim a win… and then run around the house with their arms in the air singing, We Are The Champions.  A few years back when we were all together we decided that it would be a good idea to play Trivial Pursuit.  In unison, our spouses stood up and said, WE ARE NOT PLAYING.  Looking all innocent, we wanted to know what was wrong…it was then that they explained that we were the most competitive group of people they had ever met. 

I had not realised until then how it must look to others…I thought all siblings behave this way when they play a game…apparently, Go Fish,  be a blood sport.  When Bernice and I went to the house of some friends they wanted to play Hearts.  That would have been fine, but our friends apparently grew up in the same kind of house as mine…we were trash talking within five minutes.  My wife was horrified by our behaviour…obviously it is not just my siblings that I will take down. So I`ve gone cold turkey on the leisure games…with adults anyway.  I have to watch myself when playing card games with Claire…I could take her out. 

God Bless, Julia

Pride Give Away

So today is Claire favorite day of the year…she plans and talks about it for months…today is the Pride parade.  She walks in the parade with Bernice and I every year…dressed crazy, waving a rainbow flag, smiling and waving at everyone.  I’m pretty sure she thinks the crowds are all there just to see her :). So in honor of this day I am giving away this pair of earrings to someone who buys from my Etsy site today, juliachristineglass.etsy.com.  After the parade I will post pics of Claire in the parade, and get her to pick a winner for the earrings, and I will let that person know that they have won. Thanks and Happy Pride Everyone!

God Bless, Julia


You Never Know

The thing about working with warm glass is you can never really be sure how something is going to look when it comes out of the kiln.  Of course that is what makes it so interesting as well.  You can try to control the variables of glass, temperature, and time all you want but really it’s just going to go ahead and do whatever it wants…sort of like teenagers.  You would think by now with 3 post teenage boys I’s be use to it…but does anyone truly get use to teenagers. I think it’s more like just trying to get to the other end with both of you in relatively good shape…it’s like that with glass too. 

I put all the controls in place that I could, I had the right temp, the right colored glass in the right placement…I even used a mold this time, but still things went sideways.  The earings that were suppose to be 1/2″ wide turned out to be more like a 1/4″ inch…cute but much too small.  The pendants have holes in them…problem?…not enough glass in the molds.  On to try number two…it would not be so bad but things can take up to 18 hours in the kiln…very time consuming.  Still I could be rummaging through garbage to feed my family…always look at the bright side, lol.

God Bless Julia


I am so impressed by the creativity of the bloggers…I find it inspirational, keeping my mind thinking.  When you are in a studio all the time, and not getting feedback about your work, or seeing other artist’s work, it is easy to feel unmotivated.  Your words of encouragement, and seeing what others are up to, help to make me feel connected to the outside world. I find everyone to be so supportive of each other.  Thank you for all your kind words.

I once read a book that suggested that the reader should have an artist date once a week…actually, I think it was more than one book I have seen it in.  An artist date is when you take yourself out to some place that is inspirational for you in a creative way.  For everyone it is different…it could be a museum, a dollar store, on a walk in the woods…we are all inspired by different things.  You need to go out on your own…ditch the kids on a neighbour.  I have done this and I do think it is useful, especially if you are feeling out of touch, cooped up, or the kids at making you crazy.