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Shoot Me

So I have just spent the better part of my Sunday amid screaming teenagers at the Biggest Mall in the world. Sadly my city is the proud owner of West Edmonton Mall…the mall referenced above. Why would I torture myself like this? Two eleven year olds in love with the band, One Direction.

If you are unaware of this band don’t feel bad…you are older that 14, or don’t have a preteen girl in your life. I try to remind myself how my friends felt about the BeeGees…I never had a band crush. I crushed on Wonder woman and the Bionic Woman though…guess that was the first clue that I’m gay, lol.

I have to get my hearing checked now, I think there is some football game going on today too…lol

God Bless, Julia


Inspirational Video 4

We have a history of crazy teenage girls in our family, with 3 attractive teenage boys, it was bound to happen.  They started calling the house when the boys were about twelve…it got worse from there. Teenage girls on my couch, crying about how much they loved our sons… and they don’t know why the boys run away when they see them in the hallways at school. After a while I would just tell them that they could do better than our sons…funny, sad, but possibly true. It took me two years, and a village of professionals to get rid of one of them. When someone mentions her name I break out in a cold sweat, and it’s been seven years! When I asked the boys why they seem to attract these crazy girls, they just said,”I can’t help it if I’m beautiful mom.”this is when I would bag my head against the nearest wall. I think they enjoyed the attention…there simply can not be that many certifiable girls out there. This video made me laugh…although it is not what I would normally call inspirational, I was able to look back at that time, and smile.

God Bless, Julia

Happy Birthday Claire!

My baby girl turns eleven today…she is growing up too fast…I wish I could make time stand still sometimes.  I do enjoy watching her grow up…she is becoming a beautiful person, inside and out.  She is compassionate and driven by subjects that move her…I’m sure she will grow up to be a leader in whatever cause she choses to take on.  There was a time when she was very little that I thought that she may be permanently attached to my leg…however she seems to have outgrown that for the most part.

Yesterday she was affirmed in her faith at her confirmation ceremony at church.  She is at that pre-teen age where at moments I can see glimpses of her teenage self, and moments when she is still that little girl.  She can be the confident young woman at the front of the church, and then run for a hug from her mommy a minute later.  I want her to enjoy this time before the hormones begin to reek havoc in her body and life…before boys and friends become the center of her universe.  Have a great day my lovely Claire and a wonderful eleventh you.  kisses and hugs from your whole family! 

God Bless, Mommy