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I’m So Crafty

The latest pair of earrings

I know what you’re thinking…does she mean that she is devious, or she likes to do crafts…I mean the second one.  I’ve always liked doing crafts, I think I have dabbled in almost every popular one out there.  I sewed my seventh grade graduation dress, I knitted and crocheted clothes for both of my children, I’ve made a quilt or two, I have even been known to make candles.  the first night of the very first stained glass course I took I knew that I had found the one. The one that makes you dream about colors and textures, of hording piles of materials in your basement, hidden, so the spouse will not know how much you really have. I have not yet got to the point where I start hiding things in the trunk of the car, but I`m getting there.

I can’t help it…the beautiful glass shimmering in the window as the light passes through, changing and evolving as the sun changes its direction.  And of course there is the texture…running your hand over the glass and feeling the undulating waves.  I’m starting to think this is like fifty shades of grey glass…actually grey glass is not very nice. How about fifty shades of purple glass…no, purple is too expensive, they have to use gold to get the warm colors. It will have to be fifty shades of green glass…yeah, I love green. I understand that not everyone shares my love of glass, well sort of.  The way I figure it, everyone feels that way about their chosen craft. I hope you have found yours.

God Bless, Julia


Tea or Coffee…Not.

And he knows the difference between tea and coffee too!

I have never had a cup of coffee, there I said it…well wrote it.  I know it’s strange…growing up it North America where coffee is king you would thing there would be no avoiding it. there may have been a jar of instant coffee lurking around the back of the pantry in case some heathen arrived on our doorstep demanding  a cup of joe. Hospitality demanded that a hot beverage be offered to every lost sheep that graced our doorstep, so we had to at least appear as though we were willing to make coffee. However, there was always a pot of tea ready for whoever may be milling around the house…and none of the herbal tea stuff either, my father would have had a heart attack.

As a child my day almost always began with tea and toast with marmalade. The toast and marmalade were optional, not the tea. If I had said, “no thanks, I’ll just make myself a cup of coffee,” I know exactly the response I would have got, “you need your head read?” That comment is my families version of, “are you crazy.” Now that I am an adult…in years anyway…you would think that I would have tried it just once…Nope, I like my tea.  So, on this Canada Day, when 90% of Canadians will be lining up for a double-double, I salute you, with a cup of steeped tea. 🙂

God Bless, Julia

O.K. I’m About To Be Pathetic

O.K. so I’m about to be really pathetic…I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM IN MY ETSY SHOP.  I logged in expecting to see the same thing I have for the last two months.  I stared at the screen and began to yell and pump my arms…the wife thought the computer had electrocuted me. I felt like Sally Fields at the Oscars…you like me, you really, really like me.  Bernice and I  high-fived once I explained, and then the realization that I had no idea what to do next surfaced.  A half hour of panic late,r I had figured everything out, and was ready to ship the ring.  It felt really good.

I know, big deal, it’s one freaking sale get ahold of yourself girl! I have a feeling of success in the stained glass part of my business… commissions and sales are good…but it has been slow on the Etsy side of things.  It is just one sale, but I was beginning to think that I was never going to sell anything on Etsy.  Of course you know it was the Wonder Woman ring…it’s hard to resist super powers like that, :).  So I will continue to work on my fused glass, making things that I like.  It wont make me rich…I don’t really care much about that…I just want to do my work, keep on being creative, and if others like it, so much the better.

God Bless, Julia


I’m old enough to remember Wonder Woman on t.v….the first time around.  In my head, when I say Wonder Woman, I’m actually singing it as it was sung in the show’s theme song…Wonderwomannnnnn.  I so wanted to be her…the golden lasso , the bullet proof cuffs…she could take on anyone, and still have great hair.  Now I know that great hair, had a lot of hairspray.

Back then the hairspray made your hair like a helmet…a cancer causing, tear inducing spray that made you smell like the cafeteria ladies from your high school.  No offence meant to the cafeteria ladies of the world, you do an essential job…but the ladies that came before you have not left a great legacy in terms of hair and perfume.  We could smell them coming from a hundred yards…poor things.  I’ve gone off on a tangent haven’t I? Right, Wonder Woman…

I loved the way Wonder Woman made you feel like you could do anything…there were not all that many powerful woman on t.v. back then.  So I made a ring to wear to make me remember how powerful I am when I’m feeling a little bit vulnerable.  Yeah! Just let that mechanic try to convince me I need a new transmission, when all I came in for was an oil change…Wonderwomannnnnnnnnnnnn.

God Bless, Julia

Award Number Three

I am very happy to accept this nomination from towsoflums at, http://momoftwosalums.wordpress.com/

The rules for this one are :

1. Display the award logo somewhere on the blog.

2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.

5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

I have so messed up these awards rulesw…I promise, promise,PROMISE, that come Monday, I will devote my entire morning to doing them right.  I do not want anyone to think that I do not appreciate these awards because I do.  It just happens that I have the bussiest weekend ever.

God Bless, Julia

The Big Weekend

I look just like Pooh

So this is it, the big weekend, the one I have been working toward for the last six months.  I’ve made six windows for the Cathedral, set up my business, and made a ton of pride jewelry…I’m sort of ready.  I still have lots to do today, the sale tonight , and the blessing of the windows tomorrow, and then…sleep.  this is also the big weekend for Bernice, she reports this morning that she is, “happy and scared to death.” 🙂

Claire is finished school in less than two weeks…and in that time she has the races that she waits for all year…so that she can run in provincials in the 100m and 200m sprints.  She will be very disappointed in herself if she does not make it.  We tell her that we love her no matter what…but she sees the two most important women in her life going crazy about this weekend.

The most important person in a child’s life is the same-sex parent…she has two of them…does that mean she has twice the pressure?  Well she has twice the love and support anyway.  Wish us luck, I think we may need it…and sleep of course 🙂

Pride Give Away

So today is Claire favorite day of the year…she plans and talks about it for months…today is the Pride parade.  She walks in the parade with Bernice and I every year…dressed crazy, waving a rainbow flag, smiling and waving at everyone.  I’m pretty sure she thinks the crowds are all there just to see her :). So in honor of this day I am giving away this pair of earrings to someone who buys from my Etsy site today, juliachristineglass.etsy.com.  After the parade I will post pics of Claire in the parade, and get her to pick a winner for the earrings, and I will let that person know that they have won. Thanks and Happy Pride Everyone!

God Bless, Julia