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I’ve started to read a new book…well new to me anyway, “Quiet,”by Susan Cain. It is about introverts in a world of extroverts. It is not shocking news for me or for anyone who knows me, that I am an introvert par excellence. I’ve learned over the years how to, “behave,” like an extrovert when necessary even becoming quite a good public speaker. It took years to develop the skills to fake it, but it has proved to be necessary sometimes.

Claire and Bernice are introverts too…Claire much like me, her mother. I’m sure there are times in our home that people would think no one was living there, never mind awake and breathing. We are not exactly party animals…in fact even our pets are introverts.

Oh well, extroverts may run the world but maybe the introverts will save it.

God Bless, Julia



Getting Ready for Spring

I am aware that where I live spring is still a few months away, but I got an e-mail from my favourite seed company today and well…I got all excited. I really want to grow as much of our food as I can this summer, and given our limited space, I’m going to have to be creative.

I’m hoping to share this little experience with you all, and look forward to any suggestions and advice you all have.

This pick is my backyard today…like I said still a few months away.


Shoot Me

So I have just spent the better part of my Sunday amid screaming teenagers at the Biggest Mall in the world. Sadly my city is the proud owner of West Edmonton Mall…the mall referenced above. Why would I torture myself like this? Two eleven year olds in love with the band, One Direction.

If you are unaware of this band don’t feel bad…you are older that 14, or don’t have a preteen girl in your life. I try to remind myself how my friends felt about the BeeGees…I never had a band crush. I crushed on Wonder woman and the Bionic Woman though…guess that was the first clue that I’m gay, lol.

I have to get my hearing checked now, I think there is some football game going on today too…lol

God Bless, Julia


I suffer sometimes…I suffer from depression. It’s been so long that I forget when it started really. I know that after my first child, twenty-three years ago, I suffered from postpartum. After my second it was worse…they recommended I not have any other children. Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I have four children…two are technically step-children.

My mother suffered from postpartum after having me, and was incapacitated for the first four years of my life. I’m sure that heredity factors into all this…my grandmother suffered as did her father…he drank the family fortune away., so the story goes. I’m luckier my ancestors…better living through pharmaceuticals.


It’s Too Quiet

20120618-161421Remember when your kids were little, and you suddenly realised that the house was too quiet…you knew that the little dickens were up to no good. Even though three of my children are in their twenty-somethings, I believe the same rule applies…they’re in trouble. If everything was going well, they would be calling, and telling me all about how wonderful they are…but when the sh** hits the fan…silence. They don’t want me to know that they spent all their money on Star Wars memorabilia, or got fired for spending too much time staring at their feet. so for all the twenty-somethings out there here is some advice for better communication…

1. Mom has known you since before you were born…in other words, you probably are not going to surprise her.
2. Moms have “mommy instinct,” it’s like radar, or eyes in the back of her head…she already knows something is up.
3. The truth always comes out…sooner or later, she going to know, even if she doesn’t tell you she knows.
4. Mom is not dumb…maybe she can help.
5. You may seem to be driving your mom crazy, and she may even say that to you…but you’re not.
6. Mom loves you…call her.

Now this being said, I must add a disclaimer. Some moms are not like this…some moms eat their young. So if your mom is one of those child eating kinds, ignore my advice, and talk to dad.

A closing note for my three sons…I’m not the child eating kind, ;).

God Bless, Julia (mom)