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Cleaning House

It’s time to clear some things up;

I’m not sure if it’s because of summer, or people are just not interested, but the book club is a bust.  I really can’t complain, because I have not been keeping up with the reading myself.  The weather is too good, the children are out of school…I have a myriad of excuses on the ready.  The truth is, I don’t think anyone really has the time. So for that one loyal person who may still be reading the book?…I will finish it, and please feel free to comment on the book club page…I would love to chat about it.  O.K. that’s taken care of.

The garden is a jungle of leaves, vines, and sadly, weeds.  I’m pretty sure there are vegetables in there somewhere.  I have to spray myself with cancer causing chemicals…found in the form of mosquitoes repellent…in order to pick the vegetables I am trying to grow because they are healthier…hmmmmmm…I might want to look at that, lol. It has been so wet around here this summer that the mosquitoes are brutal, the vegetables are drowning, but the weeds love it…the garden has been a partial success.

September is right around the corner, so I’m in the process of making lists and scheduling activities.  It seems to me that September First would be the better day for making new year resolutions…at least if you have children…that’s when everything starts again, and the house gets back to its routine.  Everyone is too partied out in January to start anything new…they are still paying Christmas bills, and recovering from the party circuit.  September is much better.

Oh I forgot the best part…CLAIRE IS BACK HOME SAFE AND SOUND!

That’s the cleaning done…now to make a new plan.

God Bless, Julia


Inspiration 2, Another Top Five

How can you feel motivated to make Christmas things when it is 30C outside, you’re sitting in front of a fan and contemplating moving into your refrigerator? Damned if I know…well maybe a few suggestions…

  • Move into the freezer…just set up a little craft table and move in. Don’t forget the mittens and a touque…Canadian word for wool hat. Yes, Canadians have a special word for wool hat. It is sort of like the Inuit have a billion words for the different kinds of snow.
  • Put on some Christmas music.  Turn it up really load and scare the neighbours.
  • Visit some Christmas sites on the web. O.K. this one is real. some times visiting other people’s sites can spark an idea for me.
  • Check out Etsy…I find looking at other people’s professional craft work can be very inspirational.
  • Look at last year`s work…this can sometimes remind me of things that were successful and things that were not…or ideas for things that I wanted to try, and was sure that I would remember without writing it down…I can hear you laughing.:)

I hope these help, or at least made you giggle,

God Bless, Julia

What’s my Name?

I’ve noticed since passing 45 that my memory has been slipping away ever so slowly.  I use to be able to remember the entire periodic table…now I’m lucky to remember where I left my car keys.  I used to roll my eyes at my mother when she would list off all her children’s names…and the dog…before getting to me…now I understand.  So I’ve taken to writing lists…only problem with that is you have to remember where you left the list, remember to take it with you when you leave the house, and be able to remember why you wrote it.  What I do now is have a little note-book where I put all my lists…yes, sadly there are more than one list…that way I have them all in one place and it’s easy to take it with me.  Haven’t figured out how to remember why I wrote down certain things though.  I have found an added bonus to my lists…sometimes there are items on a list so long, they just don’t matter any more.

This has made me wonder if someone else has tricks for remember things.  Then I thought, who better to ask than the bloggers…

God Bless