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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I will post later today about the book club as we are starting to read, The Happiness Project, tomorrow.

I love this version of, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,”…it is beautiful and sweet, but I find there is a touch of sadness to it.  It may be because this wonderful soul, with the voice of an angel, has left this earth much too soon.  My Claire leaves me early tomorrow for a trip to Montreal with her dad…I will miss her terribly but I’m happy she gets to visit the place I grew up.  One day I hope to take my wife there, it is such a different and magical place when politics don’t get in the way.  I hope this video makes you happy…

God Bless, Julia


Peace Train

This video makes me think about the marches going on in Montreal right now.  I am a Montreal native…I was born and raised there…having moved to Edmonton 15 years ago.  My friends are aware that I am from Montreal, and so have asked my opinion about what is going on there.  I have to admit that it is difficult to understand the city and the people of Quebec and Montreal, unless you are from there.  In Quebec, and especially Montreal, politics infuse every aspect of your life.  That is why I don’t live there any more…I miss the people and culture of Montreal, but not the politics.

I wish I could say that the protests will not escalate, and that everyone will calm down and talk…but that is not likely.  There is a history of protests…an experience of public unrest…that underlies all these marches.  The only way to stop this is for the government to compromise, the students will not.  I believe that public protest can, and do, bring about change.  I believe that the next generation must demand change if they want a world of peace.  However these protests are not about peace, they are about money…this will not end peacefully unless the government backs down.  I pray for peace, I pray for compromise, I pray for my city, I pray for my family and friends in Montreal…please let there be peace.

God Bless, Julia